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Baos = Hugs. Well, that’s what we believe! As Xiao Bao Bao’s founders, we wanted to recreate some of our favorite Chinese Bao, with flavors that remind us of our families and our travels. We hope that, with our Bao (aka buns), we bring you comforting and interesting food that is easy to eat and enjoy.

Our products are inspired by Chinese traditions that Dwight and Derrick remember from their Childhood and Romina discovered during her extensive time in China and Taiwan. Our products also explore and incorporate new flavors and traditions from around the world, using the Bao as its vessel. Bao are convenient, quick to eat on the run, and always satisfying. 

We look forward to sharing our Bao with you – some steeped in tradition, some playfully exploring what a bao can be. We will have a list of standards always available, with a new bao featured each month. Keep close, you’ll never know what will come next! Just know that, with every flavor, new or old, we will only use high-quality ingredients. After all, we want our hugs to be first quality! =)